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    Windows 10 Chrome 51.0.2704.103
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    Anti-Virus protects your computer against malicious software, while the white list provides proactive protection from unknown threats.

    Unlike traditional antiviruses, SecureAPlus blocks any new and unknown malware in their first attempt to run, even if they are trying to avoid detection.

    Thus, SecureAPlus can complement antivirus software installed in the system, providing users with an additional level of protection. This gives users the ability to use SecureAPlus c Jointly with other antivirus protection in real time.

    promo Code:5ACA-C08D-4848-0BCI
    promo Code:050F-7874-FE99-DAD7
    promo Code:E05A-0ABA-7B50-3753
    promo Code:3AF8-5E3E-A115-1C06
    promo Code:2FA3-B423-39CB-A29C
    activation code 1989-9C12-55BB-7F16
    activatton code C33F-21CB-CE67-E9CC
    activatton code 9E05-65FB-E21E-CD9E

    activatton code " A84B-B72D-293D-8B40 " (2 YEARS) "News"

    (latest vaild until August2,2016

    1:click here to go to registration page
    Premium Upgrade Activation - SecureAPlus
    2:enter the Promo Code
    3:Next,INPUT your SecureAPlus Device ID in the <DeviceID<box,and click<Summit<Now You Will be
    given your SecureAPlus premium license key on-screen
    copy that key
    4:eek:pen SecureAPlus,go to About-License-and registr with your license key
    Premium Upgrade Activation - SecureAPlus
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    Windows 10 Chrome 52.0.2743.116
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    Windows 8 Chrome 53.0.2785.143
    activatton code C33F-21CB-CE67-E9CC
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    Windows 8 Chrome 52.0.2743.82
    Thanks ahmadkhaje .
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    Windows 10 Chrome 55.0.2883.87
    The Gift of Security in the Coming Year 2017

    As our way of saying thanks, we are giving away 18-month Premium Licenses of SecureAPlus to everybody.

    No strings attached. That’s a straight up new license that has 1.5 years of SecureAPlus with all the bells and whistles of the Premium version at no extra cost for a limited time only.

    If you haven't downloaded and installed SecureAPlus yet, you can do so below
    Download Free Antivirus & Application Control - SecureAPlus

    Simply use the following Activation Code to claim your 18-Month Premium License:


    To find out how to use the above code, please refer to our support page below:
    How to Redeem SecureAPlus License with Activation Code? – SecureAPlus Support Pages

    ‘Tis the Season to be Jolly & Giving for SecureAPlus Users
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    Windows 10 Chrome 57.0.2987.133

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