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Vole PageShare is a standalone website builder that lets you create professional, stylish, adorable websites based on plain text documents.
No coding, no online drag and drop, and you don't have to build your site from a sentence, a picture to get started. Website content comes from your daily word processing files. You only need to focus on editing your document with familiar word processing software. Vole PageShare will complete all the rest of your site creation work, including the automatic creation of layered site navigation; Typesetting the site brand text, logo image, site favicon; creating full-size landing page image, MP4 video landing page; adding slideshow, lightbox, accordion, extended tables; Support file download, play MP4 video; support for custom HTML code, etc.
Vole PageShare can uniquely create a directory style website. You can preview the website in the built-in previewer.
Vole PageShare can export a clean, complete and standalone website that supports HTML 5 and other modern web technologies. The exported website can be launched independently and can be published anywhere on the WAN or LAN.

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Vole PageShare Professional Edition LTUD v5.22.20121 - PC
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