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There are very less Free DNS services available that are Reliable and provides good features to its users. I am big fan of Google DNS, using it for long time and its really the best to access websites faster and better than default ISP provided DNS information. OpenDNS will be the first choice whenever i need a control over the computer network access. OpenDNS really makes it easy with its default set of filters to limit or allow access to certain websites.
It is not possible by us to protect all illegal website contents access. But while using OpenDNS, we can route all our internet traffic under their powerful filtering tools and that keeps the surfing experience clean and great. Especially when we want to allow our kid to surf the internet, we should consider using DNS to protect against illegal web contents.
Filters in Internet Security Software
We may also try out Parental Control software provided with Bitdefender Internet Security, Bitdefender Total Security or Kaspersky Internet Security software’s. There are some third party standalone parental control software’s do available for Windows computers for better protection of family. We really need a complex security solutions in place today, which is ofcourse a multi layered security solution is highly required. Public DNS Services that we choose must be reliable and secure to prevent many possible Internet security threats.
SafeDNS Malware and Botnet Protection
SafeDNS is a Free DNS Service that comes with easy to use features by anyone. You dont have to be tech savvy to protect your kids from Internet anymore. SafeDNS makes the task totally easy by giving perfect interface where you can enable or disable the type of websites you want to let your kids access when they connect to the Online world. They have excellent technology in place and you can take advantage of it absolutely at Free of cost. Database contains 5 million websites and 50+ categories that blocks access to all dangerous websites such as Pornography, Violence, Alcohol, Smoking and tons of other illegal categories.
Internet has Hell and Heaven
Just like every one of us, Internet do have two sides. It is very important duty of parents to learn little about computers and how to protect their children when they access Internet. They dont have to access any illegal websites themselves every time, Just from ads and links on various websites and discussions, it will automatically make them to click and land on illegal or restricted websites in few minutes after they sit in front of the computer. Disclaimer notification on Porn websites and other sites are just like a notification box and very easy for a kid to enter and access those contents.
We need some better complex solution to protect the kid against such websites and contents. Improved and Better Real Time monitoring software or a System is required to Warn and Strictly Restrict the kid against any illegal web contents. SafeDNS can be the best choice to make sure that your kids internet activity is safe totally.

SafeDNS Statistics
You can see the websites accessed by your kid using SafeDNS Dashboard which can be viewed only by you with your SafeDNS login details. So it will be easy to apply new rules on websites they visit every day. You can block or unblock certain websites by overriding the policy you have set by selecting the category of contents to be or allowed. Do watch the video added above to get a better idea about it.
Block or Allow Websites
If you been looking for a feature rich and well advanced custom web content filtering software online, then SafeDNS can suite your needs absolutely great. You can allow or block websites based on their categories settings. Also you can modify exceptions for particular websites to access by overriding the policy set without disturbing the block set to the entire category. For an example, if you want to block all social networking websites and just want to allow Google Plus or Facebook, then you can set a rule easily in SafeDNS Dashboard and the effect will be instant.
So no more hunting in search engines for “how to block facebook“, “how to block youtube” “how to block selected websites” and so on. You got a perfect tool here to try and feel the safe web experience for you and your family. Just like Google DNS or OpenDNS, you can use SafeDNS on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and iOS without any problem.

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