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Get a free license RoboForm Everywhere at 1 year (regular price $ 20). manager with syncing data for use on computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets
The world is becoming more digital. Multiple users working on multiple computers and mobile devices. They need access to passwords and data from various places of their stay. Manual synchronization - a complication of life and making confusion. In addition to all, constant work with passwords on the Internet makes all the more critical backup passwords and other important information. Rather than requiring purchase a separate license for each computer or device, we decided to create a single, simple, inexpensive license model ... RoboForm Everywhere .

The main advantages of RoboForm Everywhere
- Install RoboForm on the number of computers and mobile devices, on what you want.
- transparently synchronize passwords and other data RoboForm.
- Always keep a backup of passwords and other information.
- At the highest level of secure and easy to use product.

Free License RoboForm Everywhere
Offer valid until October 10, 2014

To receive a free RoboForm Everywhere license for 1 year for computer and mobile devices, follow these steps:

1. Download RoboForm Everywhere for Windows (15.7 MB, version

2. Install on your computer by selecting "Everywhere".

3. Activate the license for 1 year from the menu RoboForm (tray)> Help> Activate RoboForm. Use any "Name" and as the value of the "Order" - Order Code:

SF7-LH8-4XM-S4J (code may change - check ).

Terms of action

- The registration data can be used to reinstall the program
- is NOT covered by free technical support
- The program is intended only for personal use