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Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer is one of the first programmable drum machines (“TR”, short for Transistor Rhythm), developed by Roland in the early 1980s.
It was originally intended to be used as a means of creating demonstration recordings by studio musicians. Like previous Roland drum machines, it didn't sound like a real drum kit. Between the mid and late 1980s, when the price of the TR-808 was lowered, its sound became popular, in part because it could synthesize a very deep bass drum sound. The latter is based on one of the sub-genres of hip-hop - trap. By the end of the 1980s, the TR-808 was popular in electronic music and hip hop.
As with many analogue electronic musical instruments, it takes a lot of effort for the musician to select the TR-808 sound for use with modern devices, but due to the nature of its analogue circuits, the result can often be unsatisfactory and make the sound unnecessarily static. The sounds of the TR-808 were and remain often used in hip-hop, electro, minimal techno and many other forms of electronic dance music, although they can often be unrecognizable after lengthy processing.
Demand for the TR-808 is currently so great that its prices are actually higher than the cost of the new TR-808 when it was first launched in 1980.

* Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer (1980-1983) Rather than having to use preset patterns, the Transistor Rhythm-808 allowed for programming of custom patterns. Fully analog, its sounds are generated non-digitally via hardware. Somewhat of a commercial failure upon its release and discontinued in 1983. The TR-808 was an affordable option to producers of the many emerging underground music genres of the time, such as Hip-hop, and Dance Music. Throughout the 80s, the TR-808 was used on more hit records than any other drum machine, including "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye and "Planet Rock" by Afrika Bambaataa. The TR-808 was highly sought-after for it’s decidedly electronic sounding drums, and its iconic low-end bass drum. The Transistor Rhythm-808 Rhythm Composer is highly regarded as the most influential drum machine of all time.Tracking | Signal Chain Dizengoff D4 Tube Preamp | Discreet Class A Tube Preamp Apogee Symphony I/O | Audio Sound Card Pro Tools 12 | Digital Audio Workstation Contents Ableton Live Project4 Clap 4 Clava 19 Congas 4 Cowbell 6 Cymbal 11 Hats 19 Kick 5 Maraca 5 Rimshot 19 Snare 19 Toms 4 Loops collapse

• Ableton Live Project
• 4 Clap
• 4 Clava
• 19 Congas
• 4 Cowbell
• 6 Cymbal
• 11 Hats
• 19 Kick
• 5 Maraca
• 5 Rimshot
• 19 Snare
• 19 Toms
• 4 Loops