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Massive Online Dinosaur Multiplayer!
Customise your Raptors then verse other players from anywhere in the world!
Choose from a multitude of weapons, skins and hats!
Variety of features including multiplayer, chat, maps, bosses, jetpacks, pets, eating.
Fight against T-Rex, Spinosaurus, a Mutant Tank Triceratops, Carnotaurus and Ankylosaurus, Mecha T-Rex and lots more!
Cross platform!
Fight PVP or join together in BOSS BATTLES!
Increase your Rank from battles to unlock more weapons, customisations and Pets!

Version 3.3 Changes (Highlights):
– T-Rex City background music is back!
– Game startup, news and version check faster and better
– Sufferer background event added into menu
– If server goes down you connect to a backup one, automatically
– Players rank 666+ can spawn boss in any map (fixed)
– Sufferer bosses health adjusted
– All boss health regen amounts lowered slightly
– Fixed where some listed games say ‘Error’ in name
– Scores show top 100 now

– Parents –
The games chat is censored and partially monitored, but this does not stop some children from trying to say bad language. Lots of players have already been banned, and it is likely more will continue to be. Please be aware of this. Thank you.

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