Question about Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn 4 giveaway

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Hi. This is a question for the Admin and Mods of the giveaway section.
I've participated in the giveaway for "Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn 4". It shows on the list that I won a license code, but ... how do I get to see it?

PS: Thank you for the giveaway! Alway glad to be here! :)


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as you may remember from previous giveaways where users needed to make x posts to get serial key few users suggested that posts are needed to enter the contest and that we give keys to random users with good posts.

Here are instructions from this giveaway:

To apply for getting a serial key you must create 3 quality posts on forum. Posts like "Thank you for your information" and similar will not be counted as valid. After you create 3 posts visit the giveaway page and click on "Get your serial key" to apply to the contest.
After the giveaway ends we will choose 5 random "winners" by reviewing their posts.
Names of the winners will be published on forum and they will get serial key through a private message on forum.

Today we will post names of winners

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Hello Dzi. Thank you for the reply. The "5 random winners" does not ring any bells in my mind, but if you say that this is part of the rules, than, for sure it is so. If I would have remember that, I would have not posted my question. Sorry to bother you with this.

I wish you a great day, and good luck to all the participants! :)


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Yes. All instructions where displayed from the first day of the giveaway. This was first giveaway with this model. I hoppe that we will soon have some changes on our portal which will enable us to organize giveaways like with better user interface

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Thank you arwen for the reply. A system more suited for this type of giveaways should be made more ...informal/transparent ... to still show the info about the giveaway after it was ended and the status too [it gray's out after it passes] (e.g. 20.11.2014 - upcomming new giveaway of ... 01-10.12.2014 - giving away licenses/+ join the giveaway + 12.12.2014 - choosing of random winners and publish on the forum + 13.12.2014 - all licenses were received by their new owners.)

...just an ideea...

Have a great day.