Tweaks & Tips Professional hackers available for hire, charge over US$200 for hacking Facebook and WhatsApp


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The fact that hacking websites is illegal does not stop the ones in the trade from setting public prices for doing so. According to this hilarious post on
hackread, hackers charge US$90 to hack Gmail, US$200 to US$350 for Facebook and WhatsApp. In fact, the website allows you to hire a “professional hacker” to gain unauthorized access to several web locations for a fee. Of course there is no assurance that you will get what you requested. Making such underground dealings often opens a box of surprises, in most cases bad ones. The rate chart is also a diverse one, with costs varying from as little as US$1.25 to a hefty 2000 Euro.

For using illegal services, you always pay the price
Some of the prices listed, depending on the task are as follows:

  • Hacking Lessons : Yeah! Now anyone can be a cyber criminal, just pay US$20 and you are good to go. DDoS for the win!
  • Yelp reviews : The cost of positive reviews on Yelp varies from US$3 to US$350 depending on the number of reviews and their duration. The expensive package also removes negative reviews.
  • Netflix passwords : Due to their easy availability, hacked Netflix account passwords can be bought for as cheap as US$1.25.
  • Crypting services : A malicious file is encrypted again and again until it becomes virtually undetectable. Once ready, the malware is sold for US$5.
  • WhatsApp : Popularity means this service comes at a price. Hackers usually charge US$200 to US$300 for unauthorized access here.
  • Gmail : Gmail account access is provided for US$90
  • Facebook : Hackers are selling a tool which (they claim) can hack into Facebook for US$19.99 on a three month basis.
  • Facebook Account Access : US$350, get ready to pay up.

This is not the first time illegal services are being advertised openly. As stated by Hackread:

“It is no secret that the internet is a familiar place for black market offerings such as firearms and drugs or hackers offering fees for hacking lessons. These hackers also provide an array of services most likely to be illegal.”

Not only is it wrong, there is a strong possibility of this little game backfiring
Even if we take ethics, morality and conscience out of the way, it is still hard to understand why anyone would use a service like this. The first question is, why would you trust this “professional hacker”? Why should you think that someone who is happy to steal and do illegal things for a small financial reward wouldn’t turn on you for the same reason? Not only that, there may be serious legal repercussions that one might have to face. All this however, isn’t enough to deter everyone, which is why these services exist. The internet can sometimes be a dark place, but here at Emsisoft, we strive to live within the light, and strongly recommend that you do the same.