Prey is an anti-theft solution for laptops and mobile phones


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The program basically runs as a local server on your system that interacts with a site online that check for a "signal" that will cause Prey to start charging its geographic location (GPS or WiFi spots near) address IP network information, a screenshot of the desktop, and more. You can put Prey right to activate the webcam, delete browser history, displays a warning message, sound an alarm or lock your computer. Prey can be used with a control panel online or, if you are an advanced user You can use your web server to receive reports via e-mail. If the laptop is lost or stolen, you can enable signal from the control panel or, if you use your own server, delete a special HTML file on your server to cause Prey start sending reports. on Control Panel -line offers more functionality than the advanced method and is free to use up to 3 devices and 10 concurrent reports. Prey is also available for Linux, Mac and mobile phones with Android. Prey works only if the stolen device is connected to the Internet.

Prey Anti Theft: Track & find stolen Phones, Tablets and Laptops