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Homepage: http://www.pcwinsoft.com/mac-power-image-converter/
File size: 18.5 MB
Languages: English
System requirements: All MacOS starting at OS X 10.7 (Publisher wrote elsewhere: for MacOS 7 to 15)

Power Image Converter is a complete image conversion package. Opens and exports to a 100+ different formats. Plus you can convert, resize, rotate, flip, and watermark batches of photos at once.

Supported formats are: jpg, png, gif, bmp, tif, tiff, ico, pdf, dpx, j2c, j2k, jp2, pam, pbm, pcx, pgm, ppm, ras, rgb, sgi, tga, webp, xbm, yuv, viff, wbmp, wmf, wpg, xcf, xpm, aai, art, arw, avs, bpg, brf, cals, cgm, cin, cmyk, cmyka, cr2, crw, cut, dcm, dcr, dcx, dds, djvu, dng, emf, epdf, epi, eps, eps2, eps3, epsf, epsi, ept, exr, fax, fig, fits, fpx, gplt, gray, hdr, hpgl, hrz, jbig, jng, jpeg, man, mat, miff, mng, mrw, mtv, mvg, nef, orf, otb, p7, palm, pict, pix, pnm, ppm, psd, ptif, pwp, rad, raf, rgb, rgba, rfg, rla, rle, sct, sfw, sun, svg, tim, uyvy, and vicar.
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