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Something for men. App Poker Hand History Keyboard will help make your hand history recording much faster. Record poker hands accurately and efficiently for Texas holdem game theory analysis. Works with all apps that use traditional keyboard.
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Category: Tools
Version: 4.0
Size: 1.9 MB
Languages: English
Requires Android: 5.0 and up

This keyboard is designed for live poker players to record hands at the table faster and more effectively, using shorthand. A useful tool for poker hand analysis. Write down your live hand history to study poker later. Simple to use shorthand keyboard will improve your hand recording skills and keep them consistent so you can study poker hand combinations and no limit poker situations later when you get home.

You can jot down quick hands for later review with a free notepad, or even just send yourself an email with the hand history in the message. This poker pro keyboard will help you note the stacks, hands , positions and all relevant information from your poker hands throughout the session.

Use it for:
- Group texting hand histories
- Keeping detailed notes on your opponents
- Coaching other players
- Keeping organized and consistent notes to improve your game and your win rate

How to set up Keyboard :
1. Download and install the app
2. Go to Settings on your device
3. Navigate to System --> Language and input --> Keyboards (or search 'keyboard' in Settings search bar)
4. Activate Poker Keyboard
5. Open the app you wish to record the hand in (text message, What's App, etc.)
6. Click on the little keyboard icon (bottom right)
7. Toggle default keyboard to Poker Keyboard (English US)
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