PlayStation 4 - Microsoft Xbox One - Nintendo Wii U

Which of these three would you choose consoles

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Well to be honest I am more a player playstation that of the other 2 consoles but I always thought that each has its appeal but second place would place the nintendo just for the games in this franchise that always give life (zelda, mario , donkey kong, smash) and say what your favorite or your choice and why.

PD: No answer something like only play PC game, that to respond there, I speak here only of the 3 consoles, so players pc without some opinion about not participating, thanks
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PS4 - I haven't powered on my Wii in like 6 months. I'm really enjoying the true HD quality being pumped out by the PS4. Destiny, Minecraft, NFS:rivals, Diablo 3, Little big planet 3, Farcry 4 are all great fun to play and look amazing. Most of the titles are also available on the XBOX one. I picked a PS plus account for the full year works out to like $5 a month. I have gotten several games from it I will actually enjoy making the $50 price tag worth it and actually saving me money in the long run. Not to mention you can also get the free games for PS3 and vita each month. So if i pick up a PS3 and/or a vita on the cheap in the next year I will have a collection of games already for it. I I'm even starting to prefer the PS4 to my PC an i7-4770k GTX770-4Gb 16Gb ram and SSD. Sure the PC starts up faster than the PS4 but there is no having to tweak graphics settings for quality vs. FPS.


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the XBOX one.
, I would choose PS4 for a reason which I cannot explain well. Maybe I like the seriously powerful looks of PS4

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Ps4 are whack as pointed out prob 90% of titles are available on both systems but the xbox is a more rugged and refined system used a multimedia center when hooked up to you sky etc