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Paint Studio is a drawing program from Pixarra. Its history began in 2003, when computer engineer Ken Carlino wrote a program for his own needs that simulates drawing with pastels. In the same year, he founded Pixarra, which began selling Pixarra Sketchbook 1.0, which was renamed TwistedBrush Studio only 5 years later.
TwistedBrush Paint Studio is a graphics editor not really for working with ready-made images, it's a drawing program. Although you can apply some filters to ready-made images, for example, to photographs, or use special brushes to give the photograph the appearance of a painted painting. More than 3000 brushes are available to the user. Manipulation with brush settings allows you to create tools for drawing such as: pencil, oil, pastel, watercolor, spray ... Achieve effects: smoke, fire, wind, fog, water. You can randomly scatter particles on the canvas, draw 3D objects with shadows, and even fractals. Textures, paint mixing, dirty brushes, Bezier curves are supported ... There are layers, filters, masks, video recording, scripts ...
In short, the program is very interesting for artists and just a godsend for designers, because thanks to the record number of brushes and their parameters, you can create a wide variety of textures, backgrounds and objects. Here, however, it should be noted that TwistedBrush works only with raster graphics.
The creators of the program present TwistedBrush as an album for sketches, so the program logic contains Pages that are combined into Books. There is a built-in Page Explorer and hotkeys for navigating between pages and albums. To navigate a large number of drawing tools, brushes are grouped into sets (ArtSets), usually by type. For example, there are traditional sets for drawing with charcoal, oil, pencil ... The program also provides brushes that are not standard for many editors for creating colors, frames, water surfaces, background images, fractals ... In finding the right brush, the search line will help you. set a keyword and find relevant brushes. In the Select Brush window, which is responsible for brush selection, the set marked with the mouse is deciphered in the tooltip at the bottom of this window.
There are brushes in the parameters of which there is an item - Symmetry. By moving the symmetry slider to a non-zero level, you will be able to draw symmetrical patterns.
There are brushes from the Text Brush set, with which you can paint with text - set long text in the options window, some options - and the text will follow the path of your brush.
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