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Perfect Keyboard Professional is an autotext and text expander macro software for Windows. It allows user to easily create, manage, share and record macros. It is possible to create macros that:
• insert frequently used e-mail signature, phrases, text snippets, form fields, emoji, and other entries into any application or web page
• generate dynamic content in various formats (XML, rich text, Excel, etc.) and insert it to other applications
• send keyboard keystrokes and manipulates mouse (move mouse, clicks mouse button) to automate applications
• paste previously saved clipboard data into any application
• playback recorded user activity (keyboard and mouse)
• execute complex tasks using macro commands for manipulating files, folders, Excel, windows, clipboard, downloads, FTP, text, XML, and more
Perfect Keyboard offers fully featured macro editor and macro recorder for easy macro creation. It is possible to playback macros step-by-step (debug) if there is a problem with macro execution. Various triggers are available to start macros: text shortcut, hotkeys, and autocomplete (many more triggers are available in Macro Toolworks). A hint window with list of available macros is optionally shown when user starts typing a macro trigger. The macros can be either global running in all applications or specific to some application(s) or window(s). The macros can be also password protected to make user's private and sensitive data even safer. The Perfect Keyboard allows user to organize macros in multiple macro files to separate shared macros from private macros. Placing the macro file to a cloud based storage (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.) or network shared folder allows users to use the same macros on multiple devices.
The Perfect Keyboard has an easy-to-use user interface featuring macros export/import, search for text or command, macros enable/disable, drag & drop, and various options that make managing macros an easy task.




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