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Picture Colorizer is a desktop software based on artificial intelligence for coloring black and white photos. It adopts an artificial intelligence algorithm and machine learning to restore the original color of the image. Its ever-improving technology analyzes each pixel separately, storing brightness and position values to accurately determine the most appropriate color.
Picture Colorizer stores a large database of previously processed images, rather than random guesses, to help image recognition and get high-quality results. In addition, Picture Colorizer also allows users to adjust various image parameters, such as exposure, saturation, hue, sharpness, radius, gamma, and noise, etc. There are also some filters that can be applied to a colorized image.
Main features of Picture Colorizer
• Reliable Auto-Coloring. Picture Colorizer automatically applies the most correct color selection to objects based on the borders and surfaces of your images.
• Wild range of image editing tools Picture Colorizer is not only a software for coloring images, but also has a wild range of image editing tools. You can adjust exposure, saturation, hue, sharpness, radius, gamma, and noise. In addition, there are several filters that you can choose to apply to your image.
• Detailed overview the available image Colorizer allows users to zoom in by clicking the zoom icon to view details and the zoom out icon to view the entire image.
1. Artificial intelligence technology and machine learning.
2. Full. Improve old photos and sharpness.
3. Fully automatic. Color an old photo with one click.
4. easy - to-use surface. All in one image colorizer.
5. 100% safe to use(all uploaded files will be deleted every 24 hours.
6. Support colorization of old photos Jpg and Png.
7. The quality of the result.
8. Very easy to use.
9. Free to use. With Picture Colorizer, anyone can create impressive colorized images, even if you are not a master graphic designer.

Your download will start automatically, or you can manually download from the link below.
Download: Giveaway_Picture_Colorizer_2.0.exe

The download link for Picture Colorizer 2.0 is provided to you above. Download and install Picture Colorizer 2.0 and then register it with the following:

  • SharewareOnSale exclusive license key: 6d1bc6a6-f68a-4e2c-8fb8-2d1ad0d3d0c4
To register the program, go to REGISTER from within the main program window.