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gives you the most convenient tool-set to organize and structure your photos. Have thousands of photos and want to bring them in order? It’s easy – create and populate Events, Albums and Smart Albums. Tag your photos with keywords, friends and places where your photos were taken. Filter by camera model or date. Correct wrong time stamps on photos if the camera had the wrong date setup. Build your own photo library, refined and transparent, structured the way you like.

Phototheca is a photo organizing application from Lunarship Software, which makes it easy to view, sort and organize thousands of digital photos and images. New Phototheca 2.0 supports modern 2-in-1 devices and Ultrabooks, gives a touch UI in addition to the standard desktop mode. Just switch Windows into tablet mode and Phototheca switches UI accordingly, giving possibilities to use touch gestures.

Key features of Phototheca are:

• Clean UI, touch interface, high DPI displays support and dual monitor view
• Instant search across the library
• JPEG metadata support, EXIF, XMP, and IPTC sections
• Tracking and auto-updating images from specified locations
• Smart albums that work as saved search queries
• Duplicates detection and removal
• Password protected safe-boxes

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