Photoshop free?

Rokib Hasan Sagar

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Search Google for "Photoshop portable" and you may find some source to download Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 or 2015 version which is actually cracked, not free.

Jimmy Curtis

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I don't think it's strictly legal to download photoshop. After all, it is copyrighted software and there's a whole lot of laws that protect programs and software developers against that. I mean online even most images are copyrighted and you can get in trouble for using them without permission, so I imagine the penalties with something like Photoshop are a hundred times worse.


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I think Photoshop is for free download, but to use it for a long time, you will need to pay for the use. It's a shareware, they go in this way.


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Seeing someone mentioned about GIMP as free PS, I also come up with other freeware as Photoshop substitute, like: Ifranview, Fotor, Fixlr, Picmonkey....Ifranview is less complex than PS, the other three is even simpler than Ifranview. So some function of PS can't find there.


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The older version of Photoshop is not legal.
They published the software installation files and keys on their site, when there was an issue with sending the keys to the people who purchased the software (as i remember).

You can try Gimp, I heard you can customize with the add-ons, so it will look like photoshop.
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