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1AVShare is a useful and reliable tool for Windows users who want to freely share their files, videos, photos, music and documents over the network in a safe environment, without the risk of infection with viruses or spyware, malware or adware.
The program creates a personal secure website where visitors can download, search, download, play video files, listen to music files, share photos and much more. At the same time, the program provides a completely secure 128-bit encryption connection, with support for all major media file formats.
You yourself determine access through authorization to any users to your materials, and they can also upload their own. Just set up accounts for those you want to grant access to your files. The program allows you to define users, passwords, and which pages the visitor can see and which are better to close. Everyone who has access to your 1AVShare server needs only a web browser, without the need to install any software.
Key features of 1AVShare:
• Automatically create and publish web pages.
128-bit protection.
• Support for search, downloads and downloads.
• Wide range of extensions and customizable user accounts.