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PCWinSoft 1AVMonitor for free on BitsDuJour. 17 hours left.

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Homepage: http://www.pcwinsoft.com/remote-desktop-surveillance.asp
File size: 6.3MB
Licence details: Lifetime for 10 different computers, no updates
Languages: English and other
System requirements: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32 & 64-bits)

1AVMonitor is the perfect surveillance solution for your webcam, desktop, microphone, or phone line. Using 1AVMonitor, you'll be able to capture any activity that occurs on your computer desktop, detect any motion that occurs in front of your webcam, and listen to any audio that's picked up by your computer's microphone. You even have the ability to automatically record conversations over your phone line!

All of these actions can be executed remotely, without the user's knowledge. Stealth Mode ensures that the person using the computer never knows that they're being monitored! You can even be on the other side of the world - as long as you have an internet connection, you can tap into the view from your webcam, watch your desktop, and listen to all sounds that are picked up by your computer's microphone. It's perfect for keeping watch over your house when you're on vacation!

1AVMonitor publishes a secure website you can connect to via any browser. See live video, current picture, images in a slide show format, and the keys pressed by the user from anywhere!

You can even set up 1AVMonitor to take screenshots or capture images from a computer's webcam or other video source, and automatically deliver these images to any email address that you choose!
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4. If you register your giveaway license within the first 7 days then you will be granted KEYs for up to 10 different computers.

5. Future updates for your giveaway license will not be free.
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