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PCSUITE BACKUP PRO 2 is the reliable, fully automatic, easy to use and fast backup solution. New features include the “one-to-one copy” for simple file mirroring to other storage media, backups of your Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome bookmarks as well as backups of your Windows contacts and of your Outlook and Thunderbird calendars and e-mails. The main interface presents four functions: create a new backup and view backup reports. The software allows you to back up data on the computer or user selected data. Incremental backup plans are also available, besides complete backups. Once set up, the user must never

again worry about the backup utility: When setting up backup policies are created that provide fully automatic creation of backup files across different time intervals. For even beginners the application provides reliable and sustainable protection for their files with few clicks. PCSUITE BACKUP PRO 2 also includes the innovative function called “Automatic Pausing.” This pauses the backup automatically, if you need the full power of your PC. PCSuite Backup Pro supports incremental storage and expands your archives only the files that have changed or created. The software keeps track of your Archive and restores files if necessary restore. You can back up individual files,directories and entire hard-drive partitions,the backups can be stored on a external drive (portable hard drive, USB drive, network drive).

PCSuite Backup Pro 2 automatically creates backup copy of your data. The program stores the backup on your hard drive or an external mass storage, for example, a USB flash drive or a network drive. You can compress your backup data, set a password, and specify at what intervals backups are created. In addition, users can backup their data to the cloud, file-based backups are possible with both the 1:1 file copy and a private archive format. New in PCSuite Backup Pro 2 is the image backup feature.Also, with this app you can create a Linux-based rescue CD to restart the computer, when the system fails to boot up on its own.

Easy data backup
Backs up, without interfering with the ongoing work
Direct 1:1 copy or continuous backups
Simple, wizard-driven interface
Backups can be protected with password
Different possible backup plans
Fuse also (favorable) pcsuite ONLINE BACKUP service possible
Supports external hard drives, network drives and USB sticks

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