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Start Menu X is a convenient and functional tool with which you can quickly and easily change the system menu in Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10, as well as allowing you to change the Start button.
The program makes it possible to change the structure of the menu, its scale (by stretching the Start menu and giving it any size), add bookmarks, combine programs into virtual groups according to their purpose for quickly opening them. In addition, you can change the visual design depending on personal preferences. Supported by customizable hot keys.
Features of the program:
• Saving program positions and folders in the menu
• Simple and quick resizing of the Start menu
• Using tabs for easy menu navigation
• Highlighting recently installed programs
• Increase the size of the contents of the menu using hot keys (if you have poor eyesight)
• Moving the menu to any convenient place on the desktop or the screen of the second monitor
• Quick shutdown and restart the computer using hot keys
• Convenient program scroll function
• Quick launch of programs using the keyboard
• Running programs from the command line directly from Start Menu X
• Quick search for files on PC and information on the Internet
• Does not replace / change system files and system settings
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Your download will start automatically, or you can manually download from the link below.

Download: Giveaway_Start_Menu_X_PRO_SpaceX_Edition.exe

The download link for Start Menu X PRO is provided to you above. The download installer with registration built-in. Download and install Start Menu X PRO. After install, run Start Menu X PRO and enjoy! There is no need to register it because we register it for you automatically when you download it from us.