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OnlineTV is a fantastic world of television entertainment on your computer. Now you have free access to 10,000+ online TV and radio stations via streaming Internet broadcasting. Sports broadcasts, Online TV shows, new movies, adult channels, music channels, news channels, documentary channels and much more.
OnlineTV is a convenient and popular utility, which is a modern technology for watching television channels on the Internet. This technology (television interworking protocol) is based on a two-way digital signal from television channels broadcasting via cable network using broadband Internet connection tools. This television is based on the process of decoding video, as well as its subsequent conversion into standard television signals.
Key features:
- Rich ability to manage subscription package individually for the user.
- Broadcast TV channels available in convenient formats: MPEG-2, or MPEG-4.
- The content of the television becomes the most secure at all levels.
- The utility provides the user the ability to find and view TV programs from the archive.
- There is a pause function that can be turned on when broadcasting television in real time.

Note: VPN - IP Germany

onlineTV 14

Your serial number: FM2P2-8BHQ2-.....-ETBWJ-A3MJB-DFPWQ-FGUNW-.....
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