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O&O DiskImage Professional allows you to create images of entire hard drives and external drives or the partitions or data contained on them. The images are completely identical to the original, and therefore they can really be used to restore the operating system, roll back to the previous state of the computer and solve other similar problems. To provide additional data security, encryption mechanisms can be used, including 128-bit and 256-bit AES algorithms adopted as industry standards.
Key Features of O&O DiskImage
• Full and step-by-step backup of any storage capacities of Windows.
• Includes boot disk for Windows.
• Encoding up to 256-bit level inclusive.
• User-configurable image compression and partitioning options.
• Copy storage tanks.
• Saving images on hard drives, network drives, CDs and DVDs.
• Integrated CD and DVD burning tools.
• Support for dynamic storage capacities.
• Full support for 64-bit systems.
• Step-by-step guiding users through all stages of the image preparation process and providing useful tips using the Information Bar.
• Convert Microsoft VHD virtual disk images to O&O DiskImage images and vice versa, direct recovery of virtual hard disks.
• Script support to automate the process of creating images.
• Generation of regular notifications to administrators of changes in the status of the procedure by e-mail.
• Technology M.I.R (Machine Independent Restoration), which allows image recovery on a hardware configuration other than the original.
• Ability to change the name of the computer and its identification number used by the security system.
• Creating images of systems that can be used in court as evidence, as well as incremental and differential images.
• Checking the checksum, identifying equipment defects or potentially dangerous applications that could compromise data.
Key features:
• Emergency CD, allowing you to run the program without first installing.
• Schedule of creating a data image for automatic launch of options.
• Incremental collection of images of any amount of memory.
• Support for dynamic disks, GPT-Hard disks and RAID Systems (depending on the operating system).
• Ability to mount images as virtual disks.