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O&O Defrag is one of the most famous and best programs for defragmenting hard drives on workstations. Will allow you to regain the performance workstations Windows. This solution will eliminate the fragmentation of files and arrange them in the correct order. The program offers a wide range of new and unique features that allow you to effortlessly optimize your system. To create a new schedule, under which will run Defrag, and set all its parameters with just a few clicks of the mouse button. Thanks to the support of the new OneButtonDefrag technology, the program is able to automatically configure the parameters and adapt to the specific requirements of your system. Especially for users of mobile devices, we have developed the technology IntelligentPowerControl, which translates the process of defragmentation of the hard drive in standby mode when the laptop is disconnected from the electrical network, thereby increasing the battery life. When the mobile computer is connected to the mains, defragmentation automatically resumes. Thanks to this product, the analysis and defragmentation of the hard drive is much faster and more efficient than ever before. Hard drive performance will increase 5-8 times, even if you thought it was impossible!
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