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There are many factors that can affect the performance of an operating system. This is not only the technical characteristics of the equipment, but also the number of applications running, the volume of the hard disk, and so on.
Users should periodically check the disk for fragmented files and optimize their placement. To perform this action, you can use a special professional program.
O&O Defrag Pro is a powerful enough program designed to defragment your hard drive. This software product is capable of working with different file systems, namely NTFS5, NTFS, FAT, FAT32. The program runs in the background.
The following defragmentation modes are available to users:
• COMPLETE / Access
Currently, O&O Defrag Pro is one of the best known and best hard disk defragmenter applications. The program is rich in functionality.
Key features of the program:
● Defragmentation of individual folders and files through the context menu.
● Wizard for automated and regular defragmentation.
● There are five kinds of varied methods for defragmenting disks.
● Create a regular defragmentation in automatic mode.
● Support for all known drives today.
● Increased performance for the hard drive.
● Increased performance for the operating system.
● Multiple modes for performing disk formatting.
The main advantages include the following: defragmentation, work with external USB devices, an intuitive interface, obtaining information about the hard drive. In addition, users can use flexible settings to exclude certain files from defragmentation.