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O&K Print Watch is a powerful software tool that provides the ability to differentiate rights, accounting and control of print access in an organization, and control access to network, shared and local printers.
• Principle of operation
O&K Print Watch is a software tool for accurate statistics, differentiation of rights, accounting and control of print access in organizations, and allows you to control access to network, shared and local printers and MFPs. The program is installed on a print server and a computer with locally connected equipment, while the presence of the client part on the user's PC is not required. Each server and work machine can use the same database in its work.
Absolutely all data and the set print settings are stored centrally, and in order to get access to them, it is enough to connect to the O&K Print Watch server. For these purposes, the Management Program or its web version is used.
• Print statistics
The program has a built-in system for generating reports that can be exported to XML and HTML formats or printed on a printer. These documents contain detailed printing statistics for each user, printer, and documents used. By default, they are created based on the last 1000 records.
For printing equipment from most manufacturers, you can also view the exact number of pages and copies of the document.
• Quotas and Permissions
O&K Print Watch provides the ability to manage the print queue and quite flexible setting of permissions and quotas. The latter allow you to limit the volume for each individual device, user or group. Restrictions for a given period are also available for the number of pages, paper size, document cost, color, keywords in its name. An example of a possible use is to prohibit and / or allow color and / or two-sided printing
• Viewing the Contents of Printed Documents
The content of all documents printed with the program can be saved to the database for further viewing. Over 15 printer command languages are supported, and the file itself can be exported as an image or PDF. According to the developers, no similar software solution provides such functionality.
In detailed reports with print statistics, saved documents are highlighted in blue and look like active links, and you can open them in the built-in viewer.
• Supplies Status Reports and Alerts
If O&K Print Watch is used with SNMP-enabled devices, they can receive information about consumables, internal counters, calculation of the date of the expected replacement of equipment and the history of replacement of consumables. The program generates detailed reports on all printers on the network and sends them to e-mail.
In addition to the above, this document also includes the printing equipment model, serial number, location and IP so that it can be easily identified. For each device, the report shows the exact remaining cartridge life, the number of pages printed and the number of pages remaining.
Keeping this critical and detailed information on a regular basis allows you to refill ink or toner in a timely manner, and also increases the efficiency of your company's purchasing department and saves costs by providing a clearer picture of the required quantity of consumables and their procurement.
• Web interface for viewing reports
One of the components of O&K Print Watch is an HTTP server - in fact, a web interface for viewing reports with statistics on printing on printers, which can be opened in any browser.
The default port used by the web server can be changed if necessary. More fine tuning of access is provided through NLM authentication, which allows you to prohibit viewing statistics for some users and allow for others.
• Active Directory support
The program provides the ability to synchronize users and groups of a domain with a database from the network environment Active Directory. At the same time, to maintain and manage printing, it is not even necessary to perform preliminary import of users into the database - each participant, as soon as he prints the first document, will be added to it automatically.
The O&K Print Watch service operates under a system account and does not have access to the network, therefore, to synchronize with Active Directory, you must specify an account with the appropriate access rights.
• Networking print servers
Within a single local network, each O&K Print Watch print server can use a single database, which allows consolidating print statistics for all involved equipment.
• Branch office support with weak channels
The program provides an effective mechanism for polling data from a remote server via the HTTP protocol, which in many cases is more preferable than using a centralized MS SQL Server. This is especially true when it comes to weak communication channels between the office and branches.
Using synchronization via the HTTP server offered by O&K Print Watch eliminates the possible loss of print history data - they are saved to the local database of the branch, and when the connection is restored, they are sent to the central SQL.
• A powerful tool for differentiating print rights in an organization, providing the ability to control access to network, shared and local printers;
• Maintenance and export of comprehensive reports on each task and notification of events;
• Effective control over consumables, greatly simplifying the work of the procurement department;
• Support for a branch structure with weak channels;
• The full version of the program supports over 1000 PCs and an unlimited number of printers;
• A fully functional trial version provided for 30 days;
• Simple and straightforward, Russified interface;
• Responsive support service.