24 hours or less Giveaway Note-IFY: colorful notes with Reminders, TextExpander and Dropbox synchronization


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FNotes it’s an elegant, simple and easy-to-use application made in minimalistic design developed for the iPhone and iPad. It will help you quickly and easily save your thoughts, ideas and all necessary information in the form of text notes.


– Sync notes via Dropbox;
– Create favorite notes and quick access to them;
– Lock notes with passwords;
– Fast send your notes on the chosen favorite email;
– Send notes by email or SMS, as well as post them on Facebook or Twitter;
– Support for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch: one application for many devices synced through the Cloud.


– Light, unobtrusive, minimalist design;
– Ease of use;
– Search notes;
– 12 unique color themes;
– 11 stylish fonts;
– 3 options display the list of notes;
– Great alternative to the standard notes.