Tweaks & Tips New!DVDFab Beta is out! New!DVDFab Beta is out!


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Recently,I saw someone complained about DVDFab 10 is so rubbish as it wont even split dvd into two. Well,maybe this kind of user is not alone. In fact,the latest DVDFab 10 is more power and easier to use than ever before. However,the open interface may not be the same as it usual. So here is one simple tutorial or guide on how to use DVDFab 10 to split dvd into two.

First,you can open your DVDFab 10 software and then insert the DVD you want to split. And then DVDFab will load your software and you will soon see four main feature mode,that is copy,ripper,creator,converter. And now you can click the copy feature,on the left part you can see the split feature included.

After you click the split button,you will see two movie title panel easily.

The last step,hit Start button to start conversion. During the process, you can view detailed progress info, and preview the progress with real time images.

Note:And the latest DVDFab Beta for windows is out!