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NEAT Projects Standard 1.13 (Windows & Mac) for free on the SharewareOnSale. 6 days and 19 hours left.

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$59.00 ➞ free today
Version: 5.52.02653
File size: Windows - 28.8 MB; Mac - 18.5 MB
Licence details: Lifetime - No free technical support - No free upgrades to future versions - Strictly non-commercial usage
Languages: English and other
System Requirements: Windows 7, 8/8.1, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS 10.7+

A clear view of your motif on the fly: image editing can be so endlessly easy with NEAT projects.

London, Paris, Rome: Hundreds of attractions with amazing photo ops. As usual, you’re not the only one trying to steal a glance or find the perfect perspective, and more often than not this means that the hopes of getting a clear shot of your subject start to look rather bleak.

NEAT projects automatically removes all people, animals or vehicles obstructing a clear line of sight to your target and transforms your photograph into a real eye-catcher.

NEAT projects allows you to remove anyone who walked into your image – afterwards on your Computer. The good thing: you dont need any mask, brushes , just a simple click with NEAT projects. It’s quite simple:

You take multiple photos in a row—no tripod required—and, just like that, NEAT projects erases all moving people and objects, leaving you with an obstructed view of your subject

- One-of-a-kind travel photos despite large amounts of tourists
- The ability to photograph cities and attractions without the obstruction of passerbys
- Perfectly suited Software for editing Portraits and Group photos taken in densely crowded areas
- The means to turn plazas and parks “empty”
- The ability to photograph Churches from the inside without capturing multitudes of visitors
- Clear views of all works of art in museums
- Street-Photography with an absence of cars
- The documentation of Nature at its finest
- Capability to take professional-grade architectural photographs
and much more!
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