Giveaway Musik Maker Jam from Magix all the year free


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With the free music app Music Maker Jam for Android, iPad and Windows 8, you can produce your own cool tracks and have a ton of fun doing it!
Simply start the app, select a style, e.g. Dubstep or TechHouse and arrange the various instruments and samples any way you want on up to eight tracks. Adjust tempo and pitch, tilt your device to add realtime effects or shake it to randomly select new loops and make a new remix out of thin air! Instrumental guitar music or pumping beats for the club – anything is possible with this free music app.
You can save the results of your jams at any time and even continue working on them in Music Maker 2015 for PC. Start your session and record as many track as you want. You can also add new styles to your music library at any time. MAGIX Music Maker Jam is available for free in the Google Play Store, the App Store and the Windows 8 Store.

Its for Windows 8 PC and for Android and iPad free.

The free Music Maker Jam music app by MAGIX

My Tipp if you install it new, you can choice another 3 free musikstyles.
Download takes Long, because slow app internetconnection and many Loops.

Enjoy :jackson:
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