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MSD Passwords is a password manager. With this program, you do not need to remember many logins and passwords when browsing the Internet, when visiting Facebook, Twitter, Google or Hotmail services. You won't need to remember dozens of usernames and passwords to visit your favorite sites. It is enough to remember one username and password to enter the program, and you will be ready. If you don't like having passwords stored in your browser, MSD Passwords is for you. Once you get used to navigating the Internet with this program, you will never look back.
Key features:
• The password is protected by encryption.
• Other tools are available - a random password generator, word processor, spreadsheet and image viewer.
• All messages can be saved to disk in PDF format.
• MSD passwords are safe and easy to use password management software to help you navigate password protected sites using your computer's default browser.

Download MSD Passwords
Install the software by running.
A pop-up window will ask you to create your own password.
From the main menu, choose Maintenance> Unlock Program, copy both lines below (Ctrl-C) and paste them (Ctrl-V) into the dialog box to register the software.

Registration data:
Courtesy of MSD Soft

• No free technical support
• No free updates to future versions
• Non-commercial use
• Lifetime license with no updates.