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MILLION’S LOVERS is a beautiful and very unique QTE (Quick Time Events) endless runner.
This is also the FIRST endless runner game contains both QTE and Runner elements.

Swipe to the direction where arrow signs indicated to perform tricks.
Watch out for trees and rocks. It’s simple but challenging!
Your goal is to get a million “Likes”! Now! Lets run and roll!

***** Featured “BEST NEW GAME” in 13 Countries *****
***** Thank you for supporting indie game development *****
***** iOS devices EXCLUSIVE******

– AppSpy – ” It’s adorable, absolutely beautiful and gorgeous! ”
– AppPicker – “Cute and fun, any age group can play and enjoy it! ”
– Dark Square game – “AMAZING artwork! Really loved the whole experience!”
– WeiFeng Game – “It’s unique, creative and beautiful!”
– 18touch – “It’s a real great music pattern runner! ”
– Candou – “The pixel art is a beautiful painting”

Inspired by “Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery” beautiful pixel art, we bring this art style into a runner game.
Everything in game are programmed, composed and painted by a team of three, it is original and hope you enjoy the experience.

– Simple control;
– Unique gameplay
– Beautiful graphics;
– Beautiful music created by Korean musicians Jin Choi.
– More dogs to unlock;
– Over 50 audiences/ fans to unlock including human, dogs, heroes…etc;
– Endless gameplay let you get Likes as much as you can;
– More pets and contents in the future updates;
– Only on iOS device.

***** Dedicate this game to my dogs, Ballsy, Dordor and Bingo. *****
***** Your pets may be created as a character in future updates! Please leave us a review and comment with details of your pets! *****

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