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EdbMails is a one stop solution to migrate mailboxes to Office 365 from Office 365, Exchange, IMAP, servers. It supports almost all latest Exchange versions and Office 365 plans. Leads the migration operation without any hassle.

Simplify Office 365 Migration - Understand the full benefits.‎

EdbMails provides a complete approach to Office 365 migrations from various source servers, including Exchange, Google, POP3, IMAP, Office 365.

EdbMails automatically maps mailboxes between the source and target servers. Replicates the exact source folder hierarchy in the target.

Supports mailbox migrations from a single or multiple domains

Supports archive mailbox migration

Public folder migration with folder permissions

Supports Incremental migration. no duplicates on the target mailbox.

Migrates mailbox folder permissions, rules to the target server

Supports staged migration:
Migrates last few months data from all mailboxes to the target server. So that users will get access to the data they want. Then migrate the rest of the data on your convenient time. This can be achieved easily with EdbMails Office 365 migration.


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Setting up an email cutover migration to Microsoft 365 or Office 365 requires careful planning. Before you begin, here are a few things to consider:

You can move your entire email organization to Microsoft 365 or Office 365 over a few days and manage user accounts in Microsoft 365 or Office 365.

A maximum of 2,000 mailboxes can be migrated to Microsoft 365 or Office 365 by using a cutover Exchange migration. However, it is recommended that you only migrate 150 mailboxes.

The primary domain name used for your on-premises Exchange organization must be an accepted as a domain owned by you in your Microsoft 365 or Office 365 organization.

After the migration is complete, each user who has an on-premises Exchange mailbox also will be a new user in Microsoft 365 or Office 365, but you must still assign licenses to users whose mailboxes are migrated.

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