Giveaway Megabyte Punch Free Steam Key Download (Windows, Mac, Linux)


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Bundle Stars have teamed up with “Rock, Paper, Shotgun” to give away gamers free steam keys for the fighting/beat ‘em up game “Megabyte Punch”, which is playable on your Window PC, Apple Mac and Linux (worth $14.99 )! The game gets a Metascore of 69 and a User Score of 7.2 on Metacritic and a Very Positive user review in the Steam store (88% of the 538 user reviews are positive)! Thegiveaway promo expires once all 100,000 Steam keys are given out or on 22/07/2016 at 11:59 PM (London), whichever comes first.

To get the free game, please visit the giveaway page here, and follow the instructions.

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