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McAfee Multi-Access is a comprehensive solution to protect all user devices: PK, MAC, smartphones and tablets from any threats.
McAfee Multi-Access includes McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Mobile Security product components.
• Comprehensive protection of data and lost or stolen devices
• Using the cloud to organize and manage all aspects of security
McAfee Internet Security contains features:
• Powerful PC protection
• Filter junk and dangerous email
• Effective parental control
• Tools to protect sensitive data and optimize your computer
• Two-way firewall
• Network intrusion protection
• Web browsing protection
McAfee Mobile Security includes:
• Securing the most important device for you
• Preservation of data confidentiality
• Search and protect your phone in case of loss or theft
• Safe browsing and shopping at online stores by avoiding dangerous websites and links
As part of McAfee Internet Security
Powerful PC protection:

• Protects against Trojan horses, viruses, spyware, rootkits and other threats with advanced malware protection.
• The optional scanner core quickly checks for threats without affecting battery performance
McAfee ActiveProtection and NetGuard Protect Against Zero-Day Threats and Botnets
Filter junk and dangerous email
• McAfee offers an accurate filter to prevent dangerous and unwanted e-mail messages in the mailbox
Effective Parental Control
• Blocks unwanted sites and limit the time you use the Internet
• It will help to check the connection time, attempts to visit prohibited sites and the total time spent on the network for each user
• Create a detailed report on visits to web pages, allows you to find out what children do on the Internet