MAGIX Music Maker Rock Edition


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MAGIX Music Maker Rock Edition provides you with everything you need to make your own rock songs!
With more than 1,000 brand new sounds, riffs and audio effects your PC will be turned into a recording studio with record function and mixer.Without any prior knowledge you can make your own rock sound: with drums, vocals and guitar loops you can make new songs in no time at all.
• More than 1000 brand new riffs, chords, sounds (guitar, drums, basses, etc.)
• Quick and easy way to create impressive tracks
• BeatBox - is an ideal tool for creating your own drums
• Vintage Effects Suite - thanks to a package of professional effects templates, each song gets its own special sound regardless of whether you want to select instruments, tune vocals, or add typical rock guitar effects.
• Record, playback, editing, mixing, recording instruments, importing songs and music from a hard disk or CD / DVD, setting effects, exporting to various multimedia formats, organizing and creating archive copies, recording to CD / DVD, distortion effects and filters for beats and vocals.