Magento 2 Migration With Big Discount


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Magento 1 was at first worked as an adaptable eCommerce stage. The adaptability was a key characterizing highlight and one motivation behind why Magento 1 turned out to be so famous in any case. In any case, with time, as Magento engineers kept on concentrating on upgrading the adaptability of their eCommerce stage, the UI became not really easy to use.

Magento 2, the transformed version of the Magento Ecommerce Platform, comes with a brand new architecture, coding structure, and database design. The support for Magento 1 will end soon. Already the best minds in the ecommerce development industry are focused on making Magento 2 a successful ecommerce platform. In this context, the most important question is how to conduct Magento 2 migration without any data lose.