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The very thing I am unsatisfied with iTunes is that it does not allow for unpurchased music or videos. So it's not the ideal way to transfer iPhone music to PC, nor videos. And I am quite disappointed at iCloud sometimes because it always throw me the message saying "iPhone won't backup to iCloud" or "the last backup could not be completed". Have you ever come across that? I guess this happens because I haven't choose the paid plan and I just get the free 5GB iCloud storage.

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I think iTunes is the safest way to back up data. But it can't support me to back up some data sometimes.


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I rarely use iOS device, so using iTunes is still the hard task for me. My impression of iTunes is that it is hard to use.


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I haven't used iTunes for a long time. I use iCloud to backup my iPhone. and when it comes to transferring media files to my iPhone, I try to avoid using it as well. The application's interface is bad. Anytime I want to sync music or video, I need to get on Google and search for some tutorials. Why haven't they made it more intuitive so that we can do it simpler, like drag and drop with Android? This is how I put music on my iPhone, much easier.


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I also haven`t been using iTunes for quite some time. I use different apps for free music, transfer files to my pc, etc. I have a big problem with iCloud though. It always says that I don`t have enough storage and I cannot do a backup even though I delete everything and manage only the apps that I want to be backed up. It is so frustrating, seriously. I haven`t backed up my phone in 8/9months. :eyes: