Lenovo IdeaCenter Stick 300


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Hello i have hear

the Lenovo IdeaCenter Stick 300 looks like the Chromebit of Google or the Splendo of Microsoft.

It is a computer doing the size of a Chromecast. It is long, it is late, it is black and it is provided with a HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port and a Micro USB port. He also has a chip WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and a Bluetooth chip 4.0 , what to connect to the server and to a whole keyboard / mouse.

It works by using an Intel Atom processor Z3735F Bay Trail torque to 2 GB of RAM. A storage space of 32GB is available but you can increase it with a port micro SD

the Lenovo IdeaCenter Stick 300 will be also delivered under Windows 8.1 (edition Bing) and it may move under Windows 10 to the end of the month of July.

Its price should of 200 euros.

i think it's a very good balance between price and quality.

i have already try it at a Demo Lounge, but at now time i dont know where you can purchase it