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Kaspersky Total Security (until 2014 - Kaspersky Crystal) is a program for comprehensive protection of a personal computer from almost all viruses and other types of malicious programs, which also includes: parental control tools, tools for protecting payments on the Internet, automatic backup of valuable data in cloud, password manager for creating and safe storage of passwords, data encryption, remote control of smartphone and / or tablet security.
At the development stage, the product was called Kaspersky Total Security, later it was renamed Kaspersky Pure for the English-speaking user and Crystal for the Russian-speaking.
Open beta testing of the product began in the fall of 2009. The application was created on the basis of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. The main testing criteria were the following: operation of the archiving module, operation of the parental control module, additional wizards for secure data deletion and data encryption, testing of network interaction of products within the local network.
Second release
The product Kaspersky PURE / Crystal R2 is also developed on the basis of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. Operation of individual components of the product has been improved, performance has been increased. There is no Windows Sidebar gadget like the 2011 product line. Open beta testing of the product took place from September 1 to October 5, 2010.
Fourth release
The product is based on the 12th version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus. The antivirus engine has been updated, the operation of product components has been improved and stabilized, and performance has been increased. The interface is similar to Kaspersky Internet Security. There is no Windows Sidebar gadget.
Only those who already had a license for Kaspersky Crystal could get this version from Kaspersky Lab technical support.
Fifth release
The product version received compatibility with the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, the technical release was released in December 2012 [1], the commercial release took place on April 2, 2013 [3].
The commercial name is Kaspersky Crystal 3.0.
Since December 31, 2016, the release of patches and database updates, as well as technical support for Kaspersky Crystal 3.0 has been completed.
The following features have been added to Kaspersky Total Security:
Backup modules;
Data encryption (product Kaspersky KryptoStorage);
Permanent deletion of data;
Computer cleaning tools;
Change control (informs about upcoming changes in browser settings, including those caused by the installation of adware, toolbars);
Protection against data collection (prohibits sites from tracking Internet usage scenarios and collecting personal data);
Protection against unauthorized connection to the webcam;
Protection against ransomware programs;
Checking the security of public Wi-Fi networks;
Password Manager (product "Kaspersky Password Manager");
Kaspersky Security Network (protection from the cloud);
Virtual keyboard;
Safe payments;
Exploit protection;
Protection of data input from the hardware keyboard.
We also added the ability to store backups in the cloud using the Dropbox service.
The interface style of Kaspersky Crystal can be changed and extended with various skins.
Security Control - comprehensive protection of your computer against various kinds of threats.
Backup - creating and storing backup copies of files to ensure the recovery of important data in case of loss.
Parental Control - restricting user access to web resources and programs on a computer, as well as correspondence via Internet pagers.
Virtual keyboard - preventing the interception of data entered using the keyboard.
Data encryption - preventing unauthorized access to confidential information.
Password Manager - protection of personal data, such as: passwords, usernames, Internet pager numbers, contact details and so on.
Data Wipe Wizard - deletes physical data from a hard disk using various algorithms without the possibility of their recovery.
Updating programs.
Removing programs.
Kaspersky Secure Connection protects your online communication over an encrypted VPN channel and ensures anonymity on the Internet.

License Code: YQG37-CW4MK-HGJBZ-FG9CH
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