Kaspersky pure 3.0 vs bitdefender total security 2015

which antivirus (total security) is the best one you reccoment?

  • Bitdefender total security

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  • mcafee

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  • avast

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  • avira

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  • webroot

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  • avg

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  • Other

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If you need a free solution, give a try to Comodo Internet Security.
Installed it about a month ago in my backup laptop and still cannot believe it's free for the feature list it provides.
I'm using Bitdefender Total Security in my primary laptop, but I would've jumped to CIS if I haven't bought the 2 year subscription of BD.

Some say CIS is a resource hog, I disagree as my backup laptop is 4-5 years old and I don't really feel any slowdown in the system. The first 30 minutes felt lagging though (installing security patch probably), but after that no slowdown.