Kaspersky Internet Security for Android / Premium version


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Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is a program for protecting Android devices from network attacks, malware and SMS spam, as well as for protecting data stored on the device in case of loss, which has replaced Kaspersky Mobile Security.
• Lock the phone in case of loss or theft, as well as the ability to remotely determine the location of the device using GPS.
• Data encryption.
• Protection against mobile viruses in real time.
• Cloud protection (Kaspersky Security Network).
• Automatic update of anti-virus databases.
• Restriction of outgoing calls and SMS-messages - Parental Control function.
• Anti-thief. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can remotely block it, making your data inaccessible to outsiders. To do this, just send an SMS with a password to your number. If necessary, you can also Delete data on your smartphone by sending a special SMS to it. Also, with a remote lock, a message appears on the smartphone screen on how to return the device to its rightful owner. Using GPS Search technology, you can determine where your phone is. In response to a special SMS, you will receive a link indicating the location of the smartphone on the Google Maps. Changing a SIM card on a stolen smartphone is the thief’s first thought. SIM Control will automatically block the smartphone when changing the SIM card and discreetly inform the current owner of the new phone number.
Main functions
• Anti-virus scan of the phone’s internal memory, as well as on-demand memory cards.
• Check all incoming or modifiable objects without user intervention.
• Full scheduled anti-virus scan at a time convenient for the user.
• Built-in firewall to restrict certain connections.
• Protection against unwanted messages (spam) and calls.
• Search for a lost or stolen phone. You can locate the missing phone using the GPS Search function. Protection of contacts, photos and files from falling into the wrong hands. If your smartphone was lost or stolen, you can remotely block it or erase all data on it. You can also store your files in encrypted folders.
• Parental controls with GPS Search. You can limit the calls and SMS of your child (for example, to paid numbers, “adult” services, etc.). And thanks to the GPS Search function, you will always be aware of where it is located.
• Personal contacts. You can mark some contacts or phone numbers as “personal” - and with one keystroke hide all that relates to them (entries in the contacts book, SMS, information about calls). At the same time, your phone will not be blocked - others will be able to use it, but they will not see what you would like to keep secret. Contacts are supported both from the phone’s memory and from the SIM card. Access to the Personal Contacts setting is password protected. Switching to stealth mode is possible: manually, automatically after a specified period of time, remotely using a special SMS sent to your number.
System requirements
• Android smartphones and tablets
• Minimum screen resolution 320 x 480
Android 4.1 - 8.1
• An Internet connection to activate the product, receive updates, and access some features

1. Download Kaspersky Internet Security for Android and complete the installation:
2. Open the antivirus, go from the bottom menu to "Real-time protection", click "I have a license" and activate the product using the "Enter activation code" button with the key provided: BYK9U-EHE8S-J1WY8-SG1CN

• A license is granted for three months.
• For use on a single device.
• There is no free technical support.
• For personal use only.