Ivacy VPN or PIA?



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Yeah, i have. both of them actually. they're alright.
What do you need it for? the former is decent but will not support netflix out of the box. you'll have to contact their support to have it manually configured and working. it took me a couple of days to realize that.


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Hi. I just wanted to know if anyone has used any of these VPNs and how was the experience?
Buddy, I used 3 VPN that are Nord, Ivacy and yesterday I signed up Express VPN, and I must say none is better than Express but Ivacy and Nord are not bad. So between the pia and an ivacy winner is Ivacy. For more, you can visit: ReviewsDir
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HI, PIA and Ivacy VPN both are good but I prefer the Ivacy because you are getting the same quality features and security at lower price what PIA is giving in higher prices for more details you check our this Ivacy VPN review .