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ITL Total Security description:
ITL Total Security is one of the leading Antivirus software for Windows systems. It is an all-in-one security tool which blocks all types of infections and offers real-time protection at all times.

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Giveaway ends on March 05, 2018.

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мой антивирус сказал, что это может быть опасно,и отправил файл 1.3мб в лабораторию.


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I would not trust this program. There is a discussion on the malvaretips forum about him.

I also did a little bit of research in the installer's code and found it:
05-03-2018-08:43:25::C:\\Program Files\\ITL Total Security\TotalSecurity.exe,firstshow
05-03-2018-08:43:26::before firing url as silent build :
05-03-2018-08:43:26::firing url as silent build : xxxx: www winactiv com/install/itlw/?
05-03-2018-08:43:28::Service Status : Running
05-03-2018-08:43:28::Successfully Received QuickScanRunRequest

However, the website is the same as This is a untrusted "Win Tonic" program, about which you can read on the malwarebytes forum


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I would not install this programm because it is blamed to be a fake!!! Check the forums before using.