Is Windows Defender enough as of 2018??


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Windows 10 Edge 17.17134
It blocked over 98 percent of known threats as shown by AV tests. Is this level of protection enough for an experienced user or should we get a more reputed AV software like Avast,etc,.


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If one surfs the web carefully, then WD should be enough for most.
However there are times where user got sloppy and that is enough for a virus / malware to infect the system (assuming WD failed to detect it).

For those with security-first approach, it is better to use multi-layered method for PC security.
1. Always update your apps.
2. Use Ublock origin and no-script add-on in your browser.
3. Whitelisting program: SecureAplus free version is powerful enough.

The above methods are free so it should be useful for most users.


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It's one of the best, next to paid versions of Bitdefender and Kaspersky. Not only 98 % but nearly 100 % in all tests in 2018.


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Windows 10 Chrome 68.0.3440.84
Company where I work uses only Windows Defender on 700 laptops and we have great experience with just this basic protection. It has become very powerful peace of software