Is there any file managers that come with their own USB driver?


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Are there any file managers that work with win 10 that have their own independent driver? The idea would be to read and write USB drive independently of what windows thinks of it. For example if win 10 mounts usb device with read only access due to reasons and I cant change that but I can load my own drivers if needed. Is there any file manager apps/programs that have their own device drivers that are thus able bypass windows mechanisms. Currently I am specifically interested in finding out if such applications exist at all, not how to "fix" windows itself.


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Windows 10 Chrome 77.0.3865.90
When I read Your post, seems to me, You may not know very well, what is that thing, which is called "a driver" and what it does and what it means to be read-only. Is it so?
Driver and file or folder or drive permissions are absolutely different things and they are not related to each other.
Besides, files can be locked in a number of different ways, which are also unrelated to any driver.
So in conclusion: for example, I don't understand what you want to find.