is CCleaner a Bad program?

Aleks S

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he program is very good, did not remove the excess to -ostavte default settings, unless you are an expert in of setting up.


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I have heard in many people say that using ccleaner is bad for pc even though none of their pc has detected it as virus they say after uninstalling it they find their screen staying black for some time when starting is it safe to use?
  1. It is really harmful, if taken it in regularly and not eat nothing else. It is not eatable.
  2. But for computers it is healthy, it is very useful, but only if You know, what it is and how to use it.

Anna White

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CCleaner is not bad, but I prefer the Clean Master (Boost & AppLock). I'm completely satisfied with it.
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I use CCleaner since 2009 , I mean since I have my PC and as for me me it is a very safe and good program to cleaning different leftovers in the system. In addition, the pro version gives you the ability to monitor in real time the junk in your installed browsers and in the Recycle Bin. With this option, you can automatically remove all the junk from your computer.
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Hello. For many years, I use CCleaner and never happened fault in the system. Another thing that clears the system very carefully (or not). I think that you can find programs more accurate but I highly recommend CCleaner especially novice users