is CCleaner a Bad program?


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I have heard in many people say that using ccleaner is bad for pc even though none of their pc has detected it as virus they say after uninstalling it they find their screen staying black for some time when starting is it safe to use?


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It should be 100% safe to install if you download it from safe sources. Every program can have some bugy which can lead to unwanted situations with PC but I never had any problem with CCleaner


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Yea i use CCleaner including CCenhancer since years in XP and in Windows 8.1. if CCleaner is good confiured than nothing can happen. Be careful if you make a cross and then a yellow warning Pop up, then make the cross out. But its always good if you know what are the correct Options in CCleaner. And dont belive the wrong firewallrules what he find, i had problems if he delete me my correct firewallrules, then my Computer not start and Display stay black. this was a failed Information from CCleaner. And deactivate the new livewatch feature from CCleaner in the Options in Admin, Guest and normal account. It stay in each account if you not deactivate it in admin and guestaccount.

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CCleaner is a safe and good program. You must be careful with what you choose to "clean" from System's section (I personally choose to clean only "Old Prefetch Data") and also I pay attention to the registry that he wants to delete because sometimes I do not want to delte everything it finds. Using it, never broke/slow down any of the computers that I used on. You could keep just the default settings if it suits you better.

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CCleaner is a good software but recently ceased to use this program, and I started to use Wise Disk Cleaner and I'm happy and I think the firmware with even better than CCleaner.:glasses:


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I have never had a problem with it and I have been using it for a very long time.


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Eset Smart Security sometimes shows me warning that CCleaner can be dangerous and it offers me to remove it. I don't know why


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I think Ccleaner is very good software. I use it on my Windows 10 and it don't damaged my system.