IObit Software. Opinions?


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Плохой продукт, нету никакого доверия к нему. В самом начале да, был замечательный


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Seems like a huge company, but mysterious one, products are superior, but I don't think I need them as I don't have too many software to store and run.


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I love Iobit software.
I use Malwarebytes Premium and it hates it all things Iobit. I have to use the "exclusion feature" to keep it from deleting all my Iobit software each time it scans or I install a new version. Actually it is easier to just turn off Malwarebytes until I have installed anything Iobit and then turn it back on and then use the exclusion feature on Malwarebytes to keep it from being deleted in future scans.

I have used Emsisoft and VoodooShield along with Malwarebytes Premium for years as my main line of defense against malware. Emsisoft and VoodooSheild have no problem with it. If you check, you will see that to top software engines like Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Avast have no problem with it. Even the Malwarebytes engine used on VirusTotal has no problem with it.

My conclusion.
I have been using Iobit Advanced System Care, Driver Booster, Smart Defrag, and Iobit Smart Uninstaller for years. I always choose to take the personal install option and uncheck all their free "additional options." I have had no, nada, zip, problems using any of them. But, what I can say is, "My family's computers under my control run faster, cleaner, and safer because of Iobit software that I have and will continue to install."

As many of you know, Iobit updates their software many times a year, but they also give away free annual and six(6) month licenses on forums and respected major software sites many times a year. Those of us who watch these sites and forums never have to pay for their premium software. This is a major reason to use them and for those who believe in conspiracy theories to fear them. I have heard people online who fear a great Iobit conspiracy often say, "They want us to use their software so they can foul up our operating systems or read what we are typing. The stuff is made in China." ... I think they have found a marvelous way to sell their software by making so many people experience how good it is by giving away free licenses periodically. Since, from great personal experience, I have come to love Iobit software I diligently look for and install all the updated stuff I can find. I also never shy away from entering any forum contest that is offering a license for Iobit software.

I am not saying that some evil "bad actor" is not at the switch over at Iobit waiting for the day China starts a nuclear war when he will use an Iobit problem to lock down or delete my operating system. Maybe Iobit and its PUPs is just waiting for a special time when they are going to push a button and annihilate all Iobit users in America, ... and maybe so are all the liberals in control over at Microsoft, Google, and Apple who work with and build their products in China. But, I doubt it, and I am going to go on using Iobit software products.

(If you need a conspiracy theory that you can probably believe in, just look into what the greedy corporations are doing to fix the prices of the commodities we all need and use daily, ... or what the progressive socialist liberals have been doing since their counter-culture revolution began in the late 1960s with the intention of destroy traditional moral America and distorting its constitution. Believe there is a global elite who think nationalism is outdated and only they are fit to survive and rule the world. But Iobit, LOL.)

In all our daily lives we come into contact with situations where we have to weigh the risk of gain and loss. This is a major part of the "human condition." At this point in time, the loss that comes as a result of not using Iobit software is far far more than the loss. The truth is I cannot see where I have suffered any damage to my operating systems by using Iobit, only great gain.

*Finally, I hope the administrators and moderators of this forum do not stop having software contests or delete forum thread featuring Iobit software because some people are scared of Iobit "boogeymen" and their howling PUPS. (I could change my mind tomorrow on all of this, but someone I know and trust would have to show me proof they have been harmed by this great software. All I have read on this forum thread is fear of PUPs and the way the software is built.)

So to the members and visitors of this forum, "Hurrah for Iobit software."