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IObit Smart Defrag 6.5.5 Pro for free on BitsDuJour. Less than 16 hours left.

IObit Smart Defrag is hard disk defragmentation software. The application can also be used as a tool to defragment games and installed applications.

Must be installed within 7 days
License for 6 months
Last updated on 06/09/20
There have been 11 updates within the past 6 months
The current version has 3 flags on VirusTotal

During installation, the wizard suggests that the user install additional components. Their installation is not required for program operation and it is not recommended to install them.

IObit Smart Defrag 6 is a reliable, stable, yet easy-to-use disk optimizer designed for peak hard drive performance. Unlike other traditional disk defragmenters which only provide defragmentation, Smart Defrag 6 also intelligently streamlines your files based on using frequency to accelerate disk data access.

With the improved IObit disk defrag engine, Smart Defrag 6 not only defrags your HDD but also trims your SSD to accelerate disk access speed and enhance disk durability. And Smart Defrag 6 specially optimized the file organization algorithm on Windows 10. To make it more powerful, Smart Defrag 6 also delivers several other useful features. Boot Time Defrag can defrag Windows registry to release more occupied RAM and ensure the system stability while you can customize Boot Time Defrag as per your needs. Meanwhile, Auto Defrag and Scheduled Defrag ensure your disks are always optimized to their top performance. Furthermore, Game Optimize is designed to offer gamers ultra-smooth gaming experience. The last but not the least, Disk Health can help you monitor your disk status in real-time.
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Weird site, but cool offer, I've used many IObit over the years.
BitsDuJour is an American company that has been operating for about 10 years. You can check online. They mediate the sale of programs for Mac and Windows at a favorable discount. Programs are bought directly from their suppliers. BitsDuJour also offers promotions with a 100% discount, just like others do. Of course, these are generally older or standard programs. However, there are very good and new programs. Let's face it, it's called marketing.

At the beginning some publishers and buyers complained, but it's probably past. I bought there myself several times and there were no problems. Their website can be checked using various tools, for example Trend Micro Site Safety Center, VirusTotal, Norton by Symantec Safe Web Checker, ICANN Whois, browser add-on WOT: Web of Trust.

By the way, IObit Smart Defrag now is good software. Some just complain that this is a Chinese publisher.


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Weird site as in needs work and looks super dated :p

IObit was always good software imo. I've never had issues with it and I've been in tech for 20+ years.

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IObit Smart Defrag Pro 6.6 for free on the Giveaway of the Day. Less than 22 hours left.

Virus Total: 3 / 68

Terms and conditions:

1) 6 months with full support
2) No free upgrades to future versions
3) Strictly non-commercial usage
During installation, you will be offered to install Advanced SystemCare and subscribe to the IObit newsletter ... In both cases, select "No, thanks." Unless you want it.
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Download Page: IObit Smart Defrag Pro 6.6
Giveaway Page: IObit Smart Defrag Pro 6.6
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